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Maybe not in this exact moment. Maybe not as the most important, crucial aspect of our lives. But at some point on our journey, we long to intertwine our soul with someone else, to trust, to let them in, to have a person to laugh with, share dreams with, choose and grow with.

1. When Kim and Kanye started dating.

We all want to find someone to believe in this crazy thing called love with. But we mess up when we look so desperately for it.

For Twenty Year Olds Who Have Never Been Loved

When we put our relationship status as the center of our lives. We mess up when we make the search for a person take priority over the search for ourselves. Where we go wrong, though, is when we think romantic love is everything, when truly, love is all around us. When we stop searching for love, we find it.

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And why would we, anyways? We have to trust fate, trust timing, trust God, trust the universe, trust the law of attraction and how it will bring good things to us if we choose to believe. But stressing yourself out about love?

1. Every bad date brings you closer to a good one.

Constantly worrying over who your person will be? This is self-sabotage. And will do nothing to help you find the relationship you deserve. One day love will find you.

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