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I do remember the cover had a girl with blondish brown hair looking awfully sad on it.

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I know I'm no help. She does live with her father in a trailer park. I think they were new in town. She makes friends with the town librarian because they are both interested in growing roses.

Happy ending. I liked this book, the author's first. The front cover is blue and purplish with a black cat sat in a tree, and a castle in the back ground.

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I had a book seem to remember an orange binding about a boy who was either a page or a knight who was trying to hunt down a monster or dragon in the forest I was a 70's kid but my mother was known to have older era books 50's or 60's Anyone know what I am referring to? This sounds just like Bill Peet, but I can't find the one I am picturing! Anyway, go to amazon or google images and see if the illustration style is right. I am searching for a book that I think was called Harvey and the Amazing bubble gum machine.

It was quite old. On the other side of the book was another book about monsters I think. So it was two books in one. Please help! It was a set of mythology books with each one pertaining to a different culture's mythology Greek, Roman, Norse, African, Egyptian, etc. The only other thing I know about them is that they were on the smaller side and either yellow or orange in color so probably more like those cloth-y type covers or something. Im trying to locate a book from my mothers childhood. She says she remembers an angel making snowflakes of different shapes and sizes from sugar?

It was a hard back book with red paper cover possibly with an angel with brown hair. Not the littlest angel. I read a book about 35 years ago. It was about a girl who went shopping I believe for a dress and goes out to lunch. I think she eats fried chicken not sure but I know she eats chocolate cake. She may have had her dog with her, but I'm unsure. The drawings were not too elaborate. It was a wonderful book and I would like to read it to my daughter. Thank you for any help you might give.

We don't have one in stock to check for chocolate. I was about 14 or 15, a freshman in high school, circa Years later I asked her about it but she had gotten rid of alot of her 'kiddie' books. The paperback cover was yellow or gold with blue letters for the title. I think it might have shown two teen girls on the cover. The story was about two girls who are sick and need heart transplants. One comes from a wealthy country family and has red curly hair. The other is regular city middle class girl with dark straight hair and has a boyfriend.

Dark haired girl thinks red haired girl's brother is cute. I remember the brother's description reminded me of Leonardo Dicapiro back then except the character wore a cowboy hat. Well rich girl dies towards the end of the book while dark haired girl gets the heart.

Dead girl leaves a goodbye video for her best friend, dark haired girl to watch.

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I also remember a scene of a cross in the ground that someone hangs a necklace around. Might have been at the end also. Does this sound familiar to anyone??? I remember reading this book when I was younger I think called "Penny Penny". The front of the book she has blonde hair and is kind of skipping. She sort of resembles doll like features because her eyes were beady, she had no fingers just straight rounded off "hands" and "feet". That she wore black mary jane looking shoes and a dress. I believe she even had her dog on the front of the book as well, but I do remember the dog being in the story itself.

I know the girl's name was Penny, and that the title on the front of the book had two words in it with the second one being her name. Both words either rhymed or were the same. Hi my name is Marlaina and I'm trying to help my mother find a book from her childhood.

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It's probably from the 50s or 60s it's a collection of short stories of the fairly tale genre. Billy goats gruff was one story included in it but the story she really remembers is of a brown mouse who didn't want to do her house work because she wanted to dance around in her red shoes. Please let me know if you have any information.

Im looking for a book probably from around the 80's. Each one had a moral, a few questions to follow and then a prayer. I believe it was soft covered.

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I dont remember the cover nor the illustrations. I don't think the illustrations were in color. Please help. Hi, I have been looking for a children's book on pirates that I had when I was little. I remember very little, but the illustrations were incredible. The general plot of the book was a boy that got stuck on a pirate ship and it followed him around the book. The illustrations covered the entire page and were very detailed in a cluttered manner. I remember one page with a net that had a bunch of pirates and fish in it I know it's not much to go, but I would love to have it for my children. Margaret Mahy wrote quite a few pirate books, and some of her artists had kind of cluttered illustrations. Here's the Google images page. You could also look on Amazon and see if any of them were familiar. Plz help me! My husband mentioned an old book from his childhood tonight he was born in and I am trying to figure out a title.

He said it was about the night the moon fell from the sky. He mentioned the moon rolled around into a barn, etc. He remembers the moon was returned to the sky by falling over the edge of a waterfall. He also said the illustrations were really cool because the moon was about twelve feet tall when compared to the young boy in the story. Anything about this sound familiar? I think it might be Teaser and the Firecat by Cat Stevens. Go to the Google images page for this book, scroll down, and you'll see the moon going over a waterfall! I'm looking for this children's book and I don't remember much about it.

It was about 1" to 1. It was filled with a lot of short children's stories. I think one was the kittens that lost their mittens. Another was a papa bear and a baby bear and something about bedtime and cake. In one picture the baby bear is on the papa bears shoulders. On the front and back cover it showed the characters from several if not all of the stories in the book.